24 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Restaurant bathrooms never cease to amaze me. I am particularly annoyed by the ubiquitous 20 year old dusty fake plants, but dirty velvet chairs are a close second. Ick.

    1. Yes! Those fake plants. Good point. And WHY are they always dusty??
      Someone needs to do an ‘instructional’: the art of public lavatories. ;)

  2. Is this so one can be accompanied by a friend? Definitely a story here. Or at least a place to tell/hear one.

  3. Carin, you have a great eye for the incongruous. It does make one wonder what they could possibly have intended with that chair. It reminds me: A girlfriend, someone I’ve known since university days, used to live in an apartment with a bathroom whose door was right beside the kitchen table (the first strangeness). Worse, the toilet was up a couple of steps on a platform directly across from the mirror, so that you couldn’t help but see your whole self, er … sitting there.

    1. Oh dear. Toilet on steps across from mirror trumps velvet visitor’s chair! Egad. Sounds nuts.
      Actually, if it wasn’t so icky, it would be interesting to do a series of peculiar loos.
      But it’s waaay too icky.
      Ick. Ick.

  4. I also wondered if there was a washroom attendant. This could be where she takes her break. “Yeah, don’t mind me. I’m just gonna read the paper. You want the Arts section?”

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