double hockey sticks

At the Mexican restaurant I’m struck by the word molletes— I’ve never seen it before and for a moment cannot imagine how to pronounce it. I get it wrong then am reminded that the double L’s, as in French, are like Y’s.

Molletes is not MOLEETEZ but MOYEETEZ. And comes with pico de gallo (GAH-YO).

I think I’m getting it.

Not fluent yet, not conversational, but I get the L thing.

It’s a start.

[For the record, I had quesadillas.]

Here’s to family, good friends and good food. May we eat, drink and be merry together in many languages, and in many ways. Or at least may that be the greater goal…

Joyeux Navidad.

2 thoughts on “double hockey sticks

    1. You sometimes leave me speechless [and smiling big!].
      Happy xmas to the bunch of you!
      [Annoyed that I can’t think of a double L word.]

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