yes i did, i gave a child glass cleaner for xmas


The gift I most loved giving this year—

A treasure hunt bag of things that are found among the poems in Sheree Fitch’s Toes in My Nose.

Also included, a ‘discovery form’ for noting which poems and which items correspond (creative interpretation encouraged so there are many options and connections… as I quickly discovered by watching a tiny mind at work—and I don’t mean mine).

When completed the form may be handed in for a prize.

Prize to be determined (but very likely another book… shhh).

2 thoughts on “yes i did, i gave a child glass cleaner for xmas

    1. YOU made US so happy! What a hoot watching the kids (a few got in on it) madly searching the book for buttons and mittens and stones and honey and worms and bubblegum and yellow tambourine (which represents the banjo… I told them to stretch their little minds, though didn’t need to; flexibility not a problem at that age). ;)

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