27 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Oh I do like someone who has empathy for furniture. Then again, you’re the infamous empty-chair photographer, so I should have known you have that quality in spades. (The tones are actually true colours; not a black and white pic; I was surprised by how it turned out; a very overcast steely grey day, reflected.) Thanks!

    1. Ha! Yeah, it does have that ‘bizarro world’ vibe, doesn’t it… On a hot summer day it’s the best seat in the house!

  1. Brrr. There’s something forlorn about a summery object captured in winter. The monochrome here makes it feel even colder. I like the way you caught it in a wave with another rushing in — that sense of motion. You have an eye for larger meaning found in the everyday, Carin, in your writing as well as your photography.

    1. I didn’t realize the monochrome quality until I saw the picture. It was actually taken and printed in colour… so that was the extent of them that day. And yes, very brr-cold as I recall. Just a week or so ago in this crazy winter of up and down mercury. Thanks for kind words! (:

  2. It is a stunning photo! I love the monochrome too. And the juxtaposition of the normally cheerful image of a picnic table and the ice. Just beautiful, as well as meaningful on many levels. This picture really tells a story.

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