19 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Hmmm. Think I’ll stick with the racing pigeons. It’s a merrier image, don’t you think? Unless of course you mean ‘racing chickens’… :D

    1. Ach. Those were the days! When pigeon racers travelled the streets with pride from race to race. There was a guy in my neighbourhood growing up that had homing pigeons. Lovely to see them fly about en masse every summer night after dinner. Makes you wonder what people do for fun nowadays… (:

  1. Before I peeked at the comments, I had the thought it was for transporting some sort of animal. Pigeons, hmm? Interesting! Where on earth did you spot this? I’ve never known anyone who kept pigeons. (Did you ever see the film “Birdie”? If not, do!)

    1. Have googled Birdy and put it on my list. Thanks!
      (I have it on some authority, however, that the cage might have been for chickens not pigeons. I’m choosing to ignore this authority.)

  2. A pigeon meet?? Cool! And there is something wonderfully archaic yet totally functional about the wheelbarrow/pigeon carrier. Your photos always suggest fascinating stories, Carin.

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