16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Fame, fortune and love too? Would love to see your poetry sign up there, Carin. Would certainly have tons (ahem) more meaning. Cool pic.

  2. Well now, as someone who woke up, got on the scales, then stumbled anxiously to the kitchen for a cup of tea (and poured in the soothing sugar) … what can I say? Can you “un-fuzz” the phone number on the sign?

  3. That’s hilarious! I was hypnotised once for fear of flying – which I’ve since overcome but not by hypnosis. It was a very pleasant experience though.
    Funny coincidence that you posted an image that’s all about the words and so did Allyson. I just posted a comment on Allyson’s about the contrast between images that are about the aesthetics and composition, and others that are fundamentally about the story, even if wordless.

  4. I’m laughing. A guarantee of anxiety and weight gain, eh? That hypnotist might want to rethink his angle. (Or at least his sign.) You are so observant, Carin — I love the little things you notice as you go about your day. (I wanted to share a funny sign with you that I’d noticed outside a spa for months — but round about the time I got a cell phone with a camera and could have taken a discreet photo of it, the owner went and fixed it. The sign promoted various treatments including “Needless Mesotherapy.”

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