17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Love the simplicity of your comp, Carin and the muted mono tones! I have a collection of these … somewhere. They are excellent little things to have for sewing emergencies … pant hems, yes; skirt hems,.no ’cause they snag the stockings!!

    1. Was doing some clearing out and found this little collection. It reminded me of how I often I used safety pins once upon a time though can’t think what for, exactly. Hems, yes. But oodles of other things too. Or at least they used to be ‘around’ more than they are now. Wonder why that is.

  2. This made me chuckle. So simple yet it makes one think of a thousand practical things; and don’t safety pins have an old-fashioned feel? It seems we used to hold all kinds of bits together with them.

    1. Ha!, Yes, Allison, you’re right, “… all kinds of bits” were held together. But what WERE those bits? Does anyone remember? (:

  3. You have such an eye for form and texture in the everyday. And this one’s striking in B&W because it emphasizes those aspects. It makes me think: why don’t we use safety pins very much anymore? Or is it just me …? Looking at this, I can “feel” the memory of what it’s like to worry a loop of pins like those in my fingers. Do you know what I mean?

    1. My mother used to wear a ‘brooch’ of safety pins, sometimes a string of them pinned to her sweater, adding to it as she moved about the house and finding them in various places. At the end of the day she’d unpin the ‘master’ and place the loop in her sewing basket. THAT’S how many figured into our lives. SO WHERE HAVE THEY ALL GONE??

      And, yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean about ‘worrying’ them in your fingers. (:

  4. Duct tape works quite well for skirt hems, I find.
    I love that you can’t quite tell whether this photo is black and white or colour. I’ve always liked photos that in one way or another blur categories and boundaries. This one also blurs the boundary between the everyday and the artistic – or do I mean aesthetic?

    1. I like that you can see it in both colour and B&W. I like that quality in certain photos also.

      As for duct tape, I came to know its charms only recently. Hard to fathom now how I managed without it.

  5. Oh, I burst out laughing when I saw this. So perfect — the contrast between the smoothish pin shapes and the weave in behind — and just in general something sweetly funny about the composition! As to safety pins themselves I’d hate to divulge how many of them are still sitting in “temporary” positions on my garments waiting to be replaced by real sewing… especially the little gold ones … never in fact to be replaced! Terrific shot. (And what a nice contract in subject matter to the lengthy limo…! Isn’t it fun how many different views of life we get each week!)

    1. Those little gold ones used to drive me bonkers. So finicky to open/close. So tiny. I much preferred the ‘kilt-pin’ sized ones… though of course they didn’t/don’t do the delicate work of holding things in place for decades!

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