27 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. …Not sure if the bottle is full or empty, but being an optimist I’ll go for full (which makes sense because after it had been emptied, the photographer might have had trouble composing quite such a well balanced shot!). I’ve peered closely at the label, even enlarged it, and still can’t see whether this is OKANAGAN wine, though the surrounding dry scenery looks as if this might be taken on a picnic somewhere out here in the west. Lovely. What fun. (Cheers!)

    1. Well, Barbara, you’re a genius. It’s your neck of the woods alright… up in Twin Lakes. That log has become a permanent piece of furniture along with a large round rock that’s been conveniently broken exactly in half. The flat middle makes a grand place for Okanagan wine and cheese while the sun goes down. We hide both pieces in the brush for when we return. If it’s of any interest, here’s a post after one of our adventures. (I’m stunned that you recognized the scraps of vegetation as being from that area. Amazing.)

  2. Ah, a woman after my own heart. There’s nothing like wine enjoyed outdoors — on a beach, say, or by a lake, or after hiking or skating. I was going to pick one to describe and then so many memories began flooding in that it’s hard to choose. But, well, the first image that shimmers in my mind: once with an old boyfriend — not so old then! — at Point Reyes National Seashore north of San Francisco. Perched on a cliff overlooking the beach, watching a man playing fetch with his dog in the waves as the sun set, and us drinking wine we’d picked up in the Napa Valley. What a great memory prompt.

    Where was this one taken, Carin, and is it someplace you’ve returned to? I love that even in that natural setting, you’re classy enough to have a wineglass at the ready. Were you on your own, or was your companion already partaking?

    1. Now THAT would be a story: “Woman packing wine and appropriate wine glass [Riedel of course], aims to settle down for some solitary drinking in the woods… but first must find the perfect cocktail table.” All of which begs the question: if a woman imbibes in the forest and there’s no one there to share with… does she finish the whole bottle?

      The actual story is that the pic was taken on a bit of land up in Twin Lakes [near Penticton] where we occasionally camp [in a trailer]. I love the place and being outdoors every minute of the day and most of the night and building things and cooking on a scruffy little bonfire with improvised tools and getting more than a little scruffy myself in the process. But always proper glasses! And really fine Okanagan wine! This post tells it better — https://matildamagtree.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/mission-accomplished-all-but-the-milky-way/

      Am so glad it prompted your own wonderful memory. Funny how some moments are so etched in the mind that a simple image can bring back nameless dogs and distant waves.

      That’s one reason I love playing this WW game…

      1. Sorry, just realized I didn’t actually answer your question. No, I wasn’t alone. I had the very best of company… my own personal sommelier. (And he cooks on open fires really well too.) (;

  3. It is a great story prompt and just reminded me of a photo I have that I may post next week. What do you call that? Is it a ping back? Anyway, very evocative photo!

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