summer games

In the space of a block I see not one, not two, not three, but four street hockey nets… two games in progress. Also a driveway basketball match, a skateboarder and a jogger who can’t be any older than twelve (when did twelve year olds start jogging?). Plus a man who looks like Santa Claus walking a dog that looks like Toto.

I see sprawling trees I’d love to lunch in and two hopscotch courts chalked out on sidewalks, inviting me to remember that my favourite playing piece was a bit of chain… the kind sink plugs used to be attached to. You’d snap off a couple inches and it became a thing of beauty for throwing and aiming. No bounce.

The weeds are growing madly and the cherry popsicles are waiting in the freezer.

Get your priorities right, boys and girls.

Happy longest day of the year!

—Let the tom foolery begin.


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