14 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. A kitchen god. I like that. And if you read my comment to Allyson you’ll see that food did, indeed, play a small part in things. (:

  1. Spooky shot, Carin. And great in black and white. Is there anything creepier than glowing eyes (on human, beast, or … vampire/zombie)? I saw a scary movie last night, so such things are on my mind. You must have known. :)

    1. It’s interesting to get comments on spookiness. Just goes to show what context will do. I was on a backyard patio in Montreal on a hot night and the neighbours were doing a BBQ and their cat was hanging around, looking curious. I made it black and white to bring even more focus to the eyes but of course I can see how the spooky element took over. [Maybe because I don’t watch scary movies, I’m not as familiar with the glowing eyes of vampires, or even beasts. Just as well too. Now you’re spooking *me*!]

  2. Ah, a backyard barbecue — I thought he was up on a kitchen shelf (maybe because he reminded me of the Siamese cat we had long ago when I was a kid — it used to make a great leap, clearing dishes, onto a plate rail near the ceiling.

  3. I think everything has been said here because it’s all about the spooky eyes. But your comment, Carin, about how they like to be above us, reminded me of my grandparents’ Siamese cats when I was a child. They used to lie along the tops of doors, which fascinated me, and made me feel they were of a different category entirely to our ordinary country cats at home.

    1. Interesting. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen a Siamese on a farm, or even a-wandering or stray… Hmmm. Why do I suspect they spend the majority of their timing ‘ruling’ from a velvet tuffet? (:

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