20 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. I’m drawn to the ‘art’ of laundry lines. Love the smell of course, and it just makes such gosh darn good sense… but the art! My mum was a laundry line artiste… all the tea towels went together, tops, knickers, everything right-side up and in categories and hung in some sort of order. I still hang things ‘her’ way — shirts by the bottom seams; pillowcases by the open end so the air can get inside…

      I like the tiny shirts in this pic too and the way it all peeks over the fence. Almost looks dated, especially with that antennae in the background, but I’m happy to say it was taken out my car window a mere few weeks ago…

  1. Lots of memories rushing in thanks to this shot, Carin. I agree with Allison … B&W was the way to go to make this a ‘story’ and not just a photo!

  2. I love the varied lines, shapes and overall abstract effect, in glorious contrast to the frilly bits and the possibility of stories and the sensory – especially olfactory – effect of thinking about laundry on a line.

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