17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Lovely minimalism. But when the Pickering Airport comes, there will be many opportunities to catch the flight of planes above you, but there won’t be any silos.

    1. Ahem!! Well… now that we know where your mind is, young lady. I’d like to be on record saying that is NOT the symbolism I’m going for here. (:

      I’d like to say more but it’s a wordless day after all..

  2. Powerful composition — just silo and big blue sky, with that tiny plane-in-the-distance overhead. Nice clean lines. I have a thing about silos too — remember the earlier one taken in Alberta, my son climbing the tall ladder? Is this part of your farm series, Carin? I think you should put together a collection iof these great shots.

    1. I remember that shot! Stunning, as I recall. Also recall being amazed that your lad climbed up it.
      The whole agricultural thing interests me. My family were farmers in Europe. Something of that must be in my DNA. Thanks for the encouragement with the photos… I shall give it some serious thought!

  3. I almost missed the plane – figuratively, I mean! So tiny compared to the huge looming silo and endless sky. An interesting study in perspective, and perhaps in the politics of airports and agriculture as well.

    1. That’s exactly it. The truth is I took the picture while waiting for an order of fries at a chip truck and the sky just looked so lovely and blue. The plane was a surprise when I enlarged it later and only then did it take on some meaning. I like how the plane is almost insignificant yet it, and what it represents, holds such power in changing our world. Oil, land use, politics, etc. While the enormity of the silo in the foreground is a kind of illusion. In reality it’s ever shrinking, or at least a certain kind of agricultural practice is.

      The chips, by the way, were excellent… (:

  4. So much sky! And this says something about me — I have never seen a silo like that (as I recall) — and I thought maybe it was an observatory thrusting up into that blue. Lovely “grainy” shot!

    1. Ha! I actually went back and checked for clarity. Duh.
      Such a clever clogs, you! (:
      Never seen a silo? Where the heck do you keep your corn out in paradise?

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