18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. This is beautiful; these are very cool. But I’m not hip enough to know what they are. Sorry. Signed “hip-less in the Okanagan”. Cool shot though. Looking forward to the reveal.

  2. Luminous!! I think they are, what were those things called? Lava lights? I was only a wannabe hippie, just a tiny bit too young to be the real thing but – oh!! I so wanted to!! I wanted to be Vashti Bunyan (though she probably had candles, not lava lights – is that what they are called?)

    1. Me too, Elizabeth. I sooooo wanted to be a hippie, but was only ten-ish during the summer of love. Still, I continue to be fascinated by all things related to that ‘fantasy’. Some years ago I was in Haight Ashbury… ridiculously thrilling in one way, yet a real ‘coming down to earth’ experience in another. I wrote a very mad little story about it, which I will now shamelessly link to. (: http://lwot.net/page_carin.html

      I don’t know Vashti Bunyan. [love the name though] Will consult Madame Google…

  3. You used to see some of these around when I was a kid — but I guess they were more of a 60s thing? Are they called lava lamps? What an interesting shot — the three of them, such different colours and shapes, in a row like this. And their brightness set against the neutral back wall. They really are mesmerizing to watch, as I recall — why’d they ever go out of style, I wonder. Where did you spot these ones?

    1. First time I saw one was in the late 70’s. And of course I can hardly remember the occasion… (;

      This was taken at a local coffee shop.
      [I was drinking ginger tea and inhaling nothing but air.]

  4. Lava lamps :) I had several of these back in the late 70’s early 80’s. I have noticed that they’re making a comeback.

  5. Lava Lamps making a big comeback, or maybe they never really left. I love the one with the moving coloured blobs best … reminds me of another chapter, way back!

    1. These are in a coffee house frequented by mostly young folk, and occasionally me. [The couches are very nice…] So, yes, I guess it’s in the ‘comeback’ category. We had good taste though, didn’t we? (:

    1. I didn’t have one either, Allison. Although we did have a fake fireplace my dad made out of a revolving cylinder of aluminium foil, back-lit with a red lightbulb. Beat that, lava lamp!

    1. I sense a fellow lover of storms…!

      As for the lightning qualities in the lamp… I couldn’t say. They belong to a coffee shop and I didn’t touch them. Perhaps next time I will. (;

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