33 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Am breaking with my usual Wednesday wordlessness because the charms of this picture may not be evident without an explanation… [insert sarcastic sneer] Truth is, I chose it for its complete ‘lack’ of charm. That hoodie on the right is NOT a Halloween costume, but an everyday piece of clothing sold in an everyday clothing store. In fact I took this pic weeks ago. It zips up over the face with vents for eyes. Someone somewhere will insist it’s to keep the little tykes warm in the howling winds of winter. Apparently this is okay but face veils aren’t…

    I may buy one just so I can walk around sticking my tongue out at everything that strikes me as stupid in a single day. And sneer sarcastically. And keep warm too.

    Happy Hallow’s Eve Eve!
    And Wednesday of course.

    1. Er… um… fashion doesn’t always make sense to me, but usually I can at least figure out why it appeals to someone else. This hoodie, on the other hand, is baffling – the only person I can see being interested in it is a convenience store thief. Not exactly the clientele that I imagine stores intentionally targeting.

      1. Sheryl, I agree. It’s as daft [and dangerous] as making saucy knickers for five year old girls… What are manufacturers/retailers/designers even thinking?? Oh, wait. It sells. Bingo. So, actually, the fault is ours, the consumer, for buying this stuff. Sigh…

    1. Me too. Stopped me in my tracks. Yet I noticed people watching me take the photo and seemed a bit puzzled. Would that it caused more widespread wordlessness… rather than acceptance.

    1. I’ve noticed a whole face-covering thing happening among young lads. A boy rode his bike past me with a camouflage bandana tied around his face and dark sunglasses. You don’t do that to create a friendly vibe… Anyway, if you get one, let us know. We’ll change your name to Bonnie. (;

  2. I was about to say what Alice Zorn said but she beat me to it!
    So I’ll add that when I was a kid I used to walk home through “town’ (we lived two miles out) from my music lessons once a week, and it was a long walk) and often I’d catch people looking strangely at me because I’d been talking to myself for company… and (the point of the story) I often pictured how convenient it would be if I just pulled a big paper bag grocery ver my head so that no one would notice me. But of course the above garment would be much better. “Thanks for the memories” Carin, off-beat and brilliant as usual.

    1. And now we live in a society where everyone walks down the street talking to themselves or a wire strung from their ear or a cell phone. Though we’re not yet at the sticking-tongue-out stage. What electronic marvel will make that socially acceptable, d’ya think?

    2. What a lovely memory! I’m so happy this creepy outfit inspired something sweet. Also delighted to know I’m not the only one who talks, er, ‘talked’, to themself. Yeah, that’s it, past tense, ‘cuz I never, never, never do anymore… ahem.

  3. pps to Barbara… I’m still wondering if I’ve ever written a character whose voice would serve me in a blog. Except that one of my aims in trying to write a blog was to learn how to write in first person. Still learning.

  4. It doesn’t look very warm though. They used to make them out of wool and they were good for those cold days and long walks for sure. Ski masks they were called then. That was back when nuns wore veils and nobody minded (at least where I lived).

    1. I don’t think it’s designed for warmth. And, unlike a ski mask, the eyes are covered… really quite weird and vile. There’s only one reason to wear this… to be disturbing.

  5. Such a bizarre outfit, Carin. I thought at first I was seeing someone in a Halloween costume reflected in the glass. I couldn’t imagine it was part of the display. Great photo, if slightly disturbing. If I saw someone wearing that coming at me as I was walking at night (maybe even in the day) I’d run screaming in the other direction.

  6. I’ve seen hoodies like this design but with cute animal faces, so there you go – I probably would’ve liked one of those when I was a kid. I see you in the reflection, Carin – so there’s some double-view going on here, and there’s us viewing it all – and the Hoodie just stares blankly back… The stark colours work. And “While we go” seems like one of those phrases you could start stories with…

    1. Well, there you go. Something for everyone!
      But, honestly, a zip-up-over-the-face hoodie in cute animal faces would, I think, freak me out even more… It would be like Hannibal Lecter hiding behind Thumper. [I’ve GOT to learn to just see Thumper…] (:

  7. Carin, don’t think you’ll be able to stick your tongue no matter how much the idea appeals to me. There may be netted covers for the eyes (what happened to the necessity for peripheral vision?) but I don’t see an opening for the mouth, hence no tongue action. Maybe you could make one out of red felt and just pin it on. Please send pics when you do. Intriguing shot!

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