16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Well, Carin, I have to say if there is beauty to be found in those hydro towers, you’ve caught it in a spectacular way! Dusk or dawn lighting? Hard to tell this time of year.

  2. This is a shot with a real psychological hit! I can feel the buzz off those power lines, magnified by the radiance pouring from the buildings behind! (I can hear the controversies about the health effects of living in an “electric field”) But above all, how beautiful of course — the strange beauty of life in our electric age.

    1. Barbara — all of that! I was taken with the way the sun trumps everything; IT’S what catches our eye… no matter what monstrosities we build ‘in front’ of it.

  3. Wow! Wonderful capture from a moving car (a specialty of Sheila’s by the way).
    I’m reading poetry this evening and this excerpt from a poem by Elaine Equi might suit the photo (and your sense of humour):

    Pink between the castlework
    of buildings.

    Pensive syrup
    drizzled over clouds.

    It is almost catastrophic how heavenly.

    A million poets, at least,
    have stood in this very spot,
    groceries in hand, wondering:

    “Can I witness the Rapture
    and still make it home in time for dinner?”

    1. Elizabeth, I love it!! Thank you. And I don’t know the poet. Just looked her up. Unfortunately nothing in our library… I’ll look into her further. “Pensive syrup drizzled over clouds.” Gorgeous.

  4. I noticed a similar scene recently on my way home in the late afternoon, but minus the towers, so what came to mind when I saw this shot was that remembered fleeting golden glow. It was spectacular — and then gone. It seemed symbolic somehow — the sun (nature) combining with office windows (man) to create a spectacular vision. The composition of this shot is all the more interesting for the towers (looming so large over the buildings), the lines (strangely delicate-looking), and the multi-hued sky and clouds above. I feel it could/should transmit (ha) some sort of environmental message, but I can’t help just seeing it as beautiful.

    1. The beauty of it attracted me, the intensity of the light and, of course, driving the 407, any pleasant diversion is a gift… but I realize it was more than that. A sunset over a beautiful landscape is all of one cloth but I liked the way this rather unattractive scenery is [literally] spotlighted in a way that makes me see it differently. There’s a tiny cross, a church I suppose, off in the distance, to the right. I noticed that later, but the thing is, there’s thousand of lives going on in these places we whizz by that look like nothing…

  5. Ugly scene made beautiful! Love the low light and colours. The sloping highway divider along the bottom kind of bothered me, until I noticed the rays of reflected sunlight breaking over the top of it (lens effect). The tiny glowing cross is a nice balance to the huge towers, and could be described in various metaphorical ways…

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