22 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. It’s the moon, Allison. One of those big heavy early evening ones. I’m always stunned that traffic doesn’t come to a grinding halt when something like this presents itself. I’d forgive people for lingering at the green as they take it all in for a bit…

    1. Thank you!
      BTW, the truck is just turning and all went well, but I agree it looks a little mad. I suppose traffic is, generally. We get used to it though and that’s probably not a good thing. (;

    1. Well for Pete’s sake… I didn’t even notice the alignment. I like that too! (;
      I was mostly just going for the big pizza pie moon and the juxtaposition of its serene light with the general chaos of the other lights. When I looked at the photo later, I noticed all the circular shapes, but not that gold/silver ball alignment. Nice eye, Elizabeth!
      And thank you.

  1. The kind of harvest moon that looks so weighted it will never cross over the sky … beautifully balanced composition, Carin, with all the heavy metal in the foreground. The vehicle on the flatbed is the emphasis point that sometimes those heavy objects do stop moving … wow!

  2. Elizabeth, you always say what I was going to say (the diagonal orbs)! lol This picture would be perfect if there were another orb (or a round face) in the rearview mirror!

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