24 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. B&W was a great choice for this delightful shot, Carin … such a tease! The background in the reflection ‘looks’ brrrrr and yet, there you are in summer hat and sandals?

    1. The background is a vineyard in Chile. It was blazingly hot. Had I done this in colour you would have had a whole different take on it. Amazing, eh? That small difference changes all manner of perception.

  2. First reaction? Someone opening the door to this visitor and saying “Sorry, we give at the office.”
    What an intriguing shot. At first I thought it was looking outward through wonderful wavy glass — but after reading Cheryl’s comment above I realize it’s a reflection. Very nice. I love the layer-cake landscape behind the “mysterious” monks sandalled figure.

  3. Brilliant mind-bending shot, Carin. I thought at first the photographer was outside, but now I realize that’s not the case. The B&W really emphasizes the lines of the window frame and the floor, and the striations of snow in the background. I don’t think it would have been nearly as striking in colour. And of course the contrast of the summer outfit against the snowy background. Definitely that “hint of hmm” — and humour too! Striking composition.

    1. Allyson, you’ll be surprised to know where this was taken. Not a winter shot at all. Well, actually, it is. February in Chile. I’m standing outside, looking at the exterior of a mirrored building, a vineyard behind me. There’s some peculiar quality to the glass that distorts what’s reflected, giving it a sort of fun-house mirror appearance.

    1. It’s a window frame… and that blurry bit is the path running through the vines planted on either side. Why that should appear ‘more’ blurred is interesting. The effect of the reflection is completely wonky. I look a foot shorter than I am. Also broader. Thank you for finding the confusion effective!

      Also, that pic of reflected crystals… wow. Talk about not quite ‘getting’ the perspective!

    1. I remember taking the photo and what caught my attention was my own reflection, and how crazily sized and shaped it was… everything else appeared later. So often that’s the case. You take the snap for one element and are rewarded with a half dozen other surprises.

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