32 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. This shot elicited a delighted squeak of surprise when I clicked onto it just now. And indeed the whole composition is so resonant with “stilled sound” — I can hear the echoing squeaks of those swings, from summer days, poignant and hanging frozen in the air — and I love the almost heart-shaped shadows of the seats where those darling little bottoms squiggle in delight on summer days. A truly terrific picture.

  2. Such an arresting shot. There’s something iconic about about empty swing sets, and you’ve captured this one frozen and in such unusual light. Those long shadows are amazing and really draw the eye up and toward that strip of winter blue.

    1. For some reason swings attract my attention, year round. I have various shots of them, peopled and not. No idea why except that I don’t like the motion of swinging and so maybe it’s partly that “what you resist has something to tell you” sort of thing going on. Same with boats. Hate boats. Love stories about them, love watching them on the water, love pictures of them…

  3. A beautiful compostition! I find it kind of desolate, though – where are the swingers? Cold, sharp, stark, colourless, empty, and the shadows claustrophobically fencing in the swings… (I think I see things differently from other people – hope I’m never insulting…)

    1. It must run in the family, Sheila, as I too was having negative thoughts, though of a different kind. It’s a wonderful photo, full of cold light, spikey black branches and a strong sense of how short the day is but I was thinking about the swings and how those damn rubber ones are so uncomfortable but presumably designed for safety. As a small child I walked in front of one of the old fashioned kind, heavy wood with metal corners, and got smashed in the face and rushed to emerg, as presumably did many other children, resulting in this safety measure. (And I still have the scar.) But the safe kind are not as fun to swing on.

      1. Ouch! So I take it swings are not on your ‘happy memories’ list…? (:

        I like that you noticed the branches. Would have been a different feeling about the scene without them, I think. This was after the ice storm, so they won’t be there for long.

    2. Never insulting, Shelia. Your comments are always interesting ‘because’ you see things differently. Diversity of views is what it’s all about. I LOVE knowing that someone sees a whole other possibility — my favourite part of the ‘discussion’.

      And, although my focus is never on the technical, I’m WIDE open for advice in that area… curious about how someone else might have approached the same shot.

      As to your question about where the swingers are… the short answer would be: waiting for Spring. Hot chocolate is likely involved. (:

      1. Just looked at the shadows again and I agree about the sense of ‘enclosure’… I hadn’t thought of them that way, so that’s interesting. And then the question of claustrophobic or ‘safe’…? I can imagine varying views… This is the fun part… (:

    1. And my negative take on the photo was about how safer playground equipment is often less fun – not about my own memory. And definitely not about the quality of the photo, which is wonderful.

      1. One of the best playgrounds I’ve ever seen was in the Caribbean. Really basic stuff — a long log just laying on the ground to walk across as a balance beam, ‘steps’ nailed into the side of a tree, a teeter totter made of giant construction wheels; looked like tremendous fun and allowed for imagination too. There’s a kind of hysteria in North America about protecting kids to the point the poor sweet things grow up fearing all manner of things… including dirt.

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