16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Ah, Matilda, you always make me smile. But tell me, WHAT is going on behind those two sweetly-shoed young things? I love the shiny plum-satin ones, almost as good as ruby shoes! What a sweet shot — and full of questions.

    1. Two sisters and a brother. My nephew’s kids. What I noticed, only when looking at the photo, was that the boy has a whole different stance than the girls. Now isn’t that something…
      [I love those purple shoes too. VERY Dorothy goes Mable Murple…] (:

  2. Delightful image, Carin … your feet must be so happy all dressed up in high-heeled, shiny, silver sandals, and so nicely off set by sparkling, purple Mary Jane’s!

  3. Such a sweet photo. Love the contrast between the dresses and very different pairs of shoes — polka dots and shiny purple, versus pristine white and silver. The viewer’s eye picks up details: the ankle bracelet, the painted toes. And who’s that standing just behind? An admirer, a brother, a boyfriend? I thought at first they were standing on grass, but I see it’s a carpet. Definitely story material here, Carin.

    1. It’s interesting to me what a photo can ‘be’ when the story behind it isn’t known, what questions it inspires. The actual story here is a ‘portrait’ of three siblings. I was tired of traditional shots so decided to focus on their feet. I got some lovely ‘barefoot’ shots later as the kids played at lunch.

    1. I was at a family thing, a communion for my nephew’s daughter. The one in white. Everyone was taking pictures of faces; I thought this would be a nice change. (:

  4. I was at a gathering years ago and realized some people didn’t like me taking pictures. So I started aiming at their feet and now have an truly interesting collage of shoe wear, stockings/skin, foot poses and postures that I suspect say more about the person than the automatic picture-taking smile. I can still tell from the feet whose belong to whom.

    1. I agree. The ‘picture taking’ smile and all those formal groupings.
      I actually told people at our wedding to stop taking snaps of us, that they’d find them all terribly boring afterwards. I suggested they photograph each other, the food, anything but us, us and more us…

      I’ll bet your feet album of the event is a dilly.

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