23 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Just when I start thinking that Ms. Magtree can’t get any quirkier … she gets quirkier still! (Now why on earth did I not think of re-purposing my rid in’ boots that way?) What a perfectly strange and fascinating “collation” of seemingly unrelated objects. Where on earth? Am I right that the thermometer in the background is registering 25 degrees? “Only in Canada” then, might one say? Great morning treat to discover this, and am eager to learn more!

    1. I know it will be hard to believe that a shop selling this kind of high end art ALSO sells worms, lingerie, hats, batteries, ice cream cones, stationery, garden supplies, clothing, fudge, table lamps in the shape of reptiles, signs with clever sayings such as “If you met my family you’d understand”, smoked sausage, candy, posters, bagels, toys, sunglasses, milk, bug zappers… and a purple giraffe piggy bank with pink polka dots that now belongs to my niece. AND they gift wrap. AND… the boot brush thingy has a companion ‘horse on its hind legs holding a roll of toilet paper’. It’s a tiny little place in an even tinier little town, a hamlet really. Apparently they do a brisk business just among the locals. I’m told Sundays are especially hopping…

  2. How cool is that!! Wonder if they have one that looks like a wellie, Carin? Can always count on you for the spectacular and unusual. Love this. By the way is that a lightening bolt in the background, and if so, how did it get there?

    1. A wellie, eh? Well, aren’t we chic… (;

      As to the lightning bolt, your guess is as good as mine. I can’t recall what that thing is but it seems to be a thermometer on a piece of glass etched with a ‘weather themed’ background. Want one? (;

  3. I feel sort of sorry for that old boot because it looks as though it once had a much more glamourous life with flouncy skirts and line dancing, and maybe even riding on the range by moonlight.

    1. Oh I do hope it didn’t fall from those romantic heights… I’d prefer to imagine its owner had bunions and kept it at the back of the closet, unable to wear it for more than two seconds at a time, and then only while cursing. At least that way it’s a step up to sunny shop window with the promise of being supremely useful one day. [No, no, I can’t bear to think it once knew of such things as flouncy skirts and moonlight…]

  4. Carin, given my family connections to Lubbock, Texas — the heart of the Panhandle and birthplace of Buddy Holly (born Charles Harden Holley) — I had a lump in my throat gazing upon that leather-bound magnificence. Yes, indeedy. Gotta get me one of them things and the horsey to match. I’m renovating the upstairs bathroom and I can see it all now. A bale of straw in the corner that will hold the toothpaste, shampoo and foot powder. Yes indeedy. Bless your Matilda heart for setting my imagination afire.

  5. Now that’s an unusual toilet brush holder! I can imagine all sorts of things working for that purpose, but I’d never have thought of a cowboy boot. It’s so incongruous. One wonders about the person who came up with it … And those other unrelated objects — what sort of store is it? Oh, I just looked back at previous messages and see what you’ve said. I would definitely want the matching horse-on-its-hind-legs-holding-toilet-paper. I’m not sure what the rest of the bathroom would have to look like to go with these items, but it would be fun figuring that out.

    1. I’ll see if that horse-on-hind-legs is still available… As for décor suggestions: I’d go with sugar cube tiling and barnwood floors. You will be the envy of your social circle…

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