20 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Such a sweet photo, Carin. The little girl’s absorption in her creative task, her blue winged costume and white boots (and pink hair-tie), the way she’s chalking something pretty and flowery — and so girlie — on the grey concrete. I love the bright colours against the drab background. This could be titled “Imagine.”

    1. The perfect title. For oodles of reasons. Not the least of which might be: ‘Imagine’ if more kids were allowed to scruff about on the pavement without parents worrying about armies of germs… and other buckets of cold water. (:

  2. I love a photo that tells a story. And I love those cowboy boots! Satin Faerie wings and gown of richest blues and … chalk to make art everywhere, anywhere. Great shot, Carin!

  3. Oh how lovely — the blue butterfly dress, the white boots — the rapt attention of the artist who is not feared to “get down and dirty” with her art! And the composition of the whole, so satisfying and sweet.

    1. That’s what I loved best, Barbara. This little pixie of a girl who wears fairy [or butterfly] wings and pretty dresses but also has seriously scuffed cowboy boots and doesn’t give a fig about gritty pavements. Not when there’s daisies to draw. She’s the perfect blend of traits. I pray no one will ever tell her to ‘get up from there’ or to stop wearing those scruffy boots. I double pray that she never wants to. Her parents are organic farmers and have a stall at the market; I have this happy image of her growing up with more ladybugs than screens in her life. Other than maybe the back porch kind. At least for now. (:

  4. How delightful Carin! The little girl’s satiny blue dress with the white cowboy boots are such a wonderful statement. I bet there is personality plus contained in that little one! And I love that she is completely unaware of the photographer (and the viewer) looking over her shoulder.

    1. I saw her at a farmers’ market and asked her mum if I could take this picture. You’re right though, she could have given a hoot about the attention. Too busy. Flowers don’t draw themselves you know… (:

    1. The boots. Yes. I agree. I have this idea that she finds magic in them. That they make her run faster or jump higher or see colours brighter, something… (:

  5. So perfect! I was going to ask if you just happened upon her or if it was a pose but have just read the other comments. It’s even better knowing she was just there, engrossed and oblivious.

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