16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Ooooh … artzy fartz, Carin! Good eye on all those sharp shapes and angles highlighted by the high key tones and yet somehow softened by the curved back of the chair! Don’t you just love chasing shadows?

    1. Point and shoot and a little fitzing on Photofiltre. The trick is to have a dusty enough house so as to get the added benefits of the ‘dust mote effect’…(;

  2. Such an interesting effect! — that streak of light coming from top right. Those blown-out bits contrasting with the dark elements and shadows and emphasizing just the elements we can see: the chairs, the tiles on the floor, the photo on the wall. Simple and stark but very compelling. How did you?

  3. One of my earliest memories is of standing in a shaft of light just like that one (the chair was there too) yelling because I was holding a toy cat and “they” wanted me to let go of it so they could dress me. But even in the midst of the altercation, I was also fascinated by the dust motes dancing up and down and the realization that I could only see them in the light shaft.

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