13 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Yoiks!!! Eyeshadow for Aphrodite??? Very nice how the coloured “palette” in the foreground echoes the windows in the background — and of course the stairway to … well mystery!

    1. Stairway to Art! The MCA in Chicago. The installation is by Amanda Ross-Ho and we were lucky to see it as it’s coming down in a couple of weeks. A lovely video in the gallery shows how it was put into place. The picture is clickable and explains the colour calibration card/palette but I like your idea much better! (;

  2. Magnificent Carin! I’m guessing Chicago? Love the round smooth soft lines of the sculpture against the coloured squares, also love the angle of the shot.

  3. Love the proximity playfulness of this shot, Carin. Geometric shapes, lines – curved and straight, colour squares, windows and reflections!

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