22 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. It appeared from under the snow melt on the first day of Spring, so my thoughts were of xmas. I imagined it lingering, frozen, for months under a heap of ice. All the madness of that season feels so long ago, and yet…

  1. You find the best things Carin – you make us see wonder in the muck! I like the subdued, yet glisten-y colours.

    1. Thnaks, Barbara. Made me wonder what kind of paper it was stuck to and what was under that paper and who opened it… and all that jazz.

  2. That’s lovely & very thought provoking :-)

    Hope you had a eggtastic Easter, thanks for sauntering by ;-)

  3. Strikingly simple image, Carin. The spring muck versus the Christmas bow. it’s bittersweet, somehow, and profound. Christmas long gone, and spring not yet fully arrived (the muck and garbage not being her best foot forward). You are such an observant writer/photographer.

    1. The spring muck was an important element. I’m glad that comes across. And it really was a ‘bittersweet’ moment when I saw it. So different from all the other bits of litter about. This one had a pedigree. (:

  4. Wow, Carin! I was actually going to post something thematically very similar – a photo of a silvery foil crown with the words “Happy New Year!” that, like your silver bow, emerged from the dirty snow. But I think I deleted it accidentally. Anyway, yours tells the story I was hoping to tell this week!

  5. Talking about writing prompts and things emerging from snow and ice – I once knew someone who met the man in her life by writing a letter in response to a personal ad. But the man in question had not placed the ad – he actually found her letter, lost or discarded, frozen into the ice. He was so intrigued he dislodged it and responded to it and they got together and lived happily ever after, or at least until I lost track of them.

    1. Good heavens. That’s even MORE amazing!! What a story. Falls into the category of being almost too wild to be accepted as fiction *were* it to be written up. Although I think it should be. Hmmmm. (;

      1. I actually did write it up as a short story for a contest with a theme of love in winter or something like that. But I didn’t win and I think I discarded the story (this was a long time ago). However, it has always stayed with me, that image of the letter in the ice. Maybe we should both write it up and compare notes. What do you think?

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