20 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Delightful Matilda! I find these realistic slice-of-life pictures so appealing. Chinese lunch in the spa anyone?

    1. Thanks, Allison. I actually googled this place later and the website shows an interior quite incompatible with its exterior. Still, the whole book-by-its-cover thing weighs heavily. Would be curious to know how many people wouldn’t even bat an eye and judge based on exterior alone.

  2. “YIKES” was the first thing that popped into my brain (yes, all caps) when I saw this shot, Carin. Would I even want to sort out the place puzzle … left to Unit 4 or right through the open not-so-welcoming blue door? Love it!

  3. Ah, a TAKE-OUT-SPA! what a great concept, and who but Ms. Magtriee would spot the opportunity. That would save one the hassle of climbing up those rather steep stairs for the total Spa Experience. Clever. I’ve been peering for a phone number so I could call for service, I’m sure there’s one disguised there somewhere in the fine print. Meanwhile, what a great shot, bringing forth another delighted snort of laughter as I “tuned in”. (Hey, and it looks like a pretty good accompanying menu, too!)

  4. It actually makes me long to see what’s inside – something about the warm pink light hints at a more luxurious interior, even of “more than Oriental splendour” possibly.

    1. Oh good. You’ve solved the problem for me. I’m curious to know what it’s like inside. Next time you’re in town, let me know! (;

  5. Another great slice-of-life photo (with a hint of hmm). You see the details and juxtapositions others miss, Ms. Magtree. Aside from the confusing and humorous aspect of the arrow pointing the wrong way, this sign (and its accompanying garbage) does NOT say to me “hot-stone massage, essential oils, and calming music.” I’m not sure what it DOES say … but I think, if I had to choose, I’d follow the arrow to the sushi. On second thought, hmm, no.

    1. I know. And yet there’s that whole book/cover rule, which makes me wonder if it only applies to certain things. I mean, CAN we tell this book by its cover?? Or do I need to book a massage to find out?

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