13 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. I love how it’s struck almost everyone as a ghostly, eerie, freaky image! To me it’s a statement on society and its slovenly, litterish ways…
      [ps. if you write one, let me know!] (:

  1. “The Ghost of Winter Past” ???? What a great shot. My first reaction was indeed a ghostly form, second a skeletal dragon drifting on the wind, took a moment to pin down (sort of) what it really is. Love the incoming bike, black and rather scary too. Terrific.

    1. Barbara, I like that title!

      The amount of litter that reveals itself in Spring is staggering in some places. Most upsetting is seeing bags and bits stuck in trees, because I can’t get at those. I took this from my car window at a red light. So wasn’t able to disentangle this debris from its winter home either. And Zorro-on-the-bike doesn’t look like he’s about to…

  2. Ooh, spooky! This would make a perfect Halloween shot — the accidental apparition floating in the air (the shape’s uncanny) and the hint of black-garbed stranger on a bike entering the frame. You are quick on the draw with that camera, Carin! This one begs for a story to be written.

  3. I love the way you capture things that are all too banal and show them as something to pay attention to. And I have a story in response to this, well, not exactly a story but information that might interest you. Do you know where the Trans Canada Highway actually ends? (The eastern end, that is.) It ends at a garbage dump called Robin Hood Bay that is probably also remarkable for being (surely) Canada’s most scenic garbage dump. A beautiful coastal hiking trail goes by it (only in Newfoundland would this be possible I think) and is completely littered in that area with – yes! – plastic bags. Truly horrible. You can see a photo here: http://www.eastcoasttrail.ca/pdf/1_plastic_campaign_launched.pdf There is a campaign to get it cleared up but it is an ongoing struggle. Anyway, great, thought-provoking photo!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. That’s just so sad. I mean it happens everywhere, but on the shores of this beautiful island… somehow even sadder. Our addiction to plastic is beyond fathoming.

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