wordless wednesday

I don’t normally share words on wordless photos but no one got the [ahem] artistic POV  [you heard me] of this one—so I feel the need to explain.

It’s a picture of a spongey ball cat toy under the bed. Everything else is details…

It’s obvious now, right??

IMG_6501 - Copy

[click quietly]


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15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Lucky kitty! Wouldn’t you just love to curl up like that … sleep like that? Great shot, Carin. I know it’s wordless, but I swear I can hear purrr … purrr … purrr (kitty snoring).

    1. Yes I know. He’s a lazy little sod. Constantly curling up when there’s furniture to be shredded or hairballs to disperse… oh, wait a minute. Sleeeeep pussy cat, sleeeep…

  2. Cat, sunshine, books, more books, glowing carpet …more books still…! What a lovely composition. Makes me want to peruse that bounty of ready reading, hop up on that comfy-looking bed, grab the kitty, and, well, read read read…!

    1. The original shot was just of the cat. Because I don’t have enough of him sleeping. [ahem] But then as if by magic, through the viewfinder, the sun appeared and a few other things… Funny how the world looks so very different sometimes through that little square.

  3. Of course, anyone would want to just be in that room – I know I would. Curled up on the bed with the sun streaming in with any one of those good books at hand, kitty snoozing beside me. Bring my cup of tea please!

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