18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Ah, Ms. Magtree you’ve done it again — made me laugh in surprise as I click on, and spill my early morning tea. Lovely shot, and wouldn’t it be fun to be enroute to that party! Though one does wonder: who exactly that is, in the driver’s seat!

  2. Absolutely delightful, Carin, especially in shiny B&W. I am a mirror. Who was the lucky recipient? Must have been a joy-filled party!

    1. The car was actually full of them! Part of a balloon ‘forest’ I made for a kid program I ran at a group home last year. And it was. Joy-filled. And candy fueled. (:

  3. Aw, now that I read the comments and know that it was for a balloon forest at a group home I see that it is a lovely happy photo. Before that I just thought it was a great composition in black and white with the photographer’s sense of humour much in evidence.

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