19 thoughts on “wordless wednesday, the ironic version

  1. Now THAT’S what I call graffiti! I’m taking this as a serious instruction, in the hope that if I follow to the letter this will turn out to be truly a “red letter day”!!! (As to the “how” of this pic, I look forward to a reveal.) Meanwhile thank you Ms. Magtree!

    1. Graffiti…! I love it. That’s the perfect word. An art form I quite like, especially when the message is a good one. As for the How… it’s a painted mirror in a hotel lounge. And, no, I didn’t paint it. (;

  2. Yessssss … worded perfectly to become my new motto in life … the PLAY part especially! Great eye in both seeing and presenting this crafty shot, Carin!

  3. I like the sentiment, Carin. These are words to live by. And is that a sushi restaurant? I can’t tell if the words are graffiti — the lettering looks too perfect — or something the owners put up, but I’m very curious! It’s great the way you captured the wording at right, giving us a glimpse into the eatery beyond.

    1. Allyson, this is [permanently, I think] on the mirror at White Oaks in Niagara on the Lake. I love the cleverness of this ‘marketing’ message that works its magic every time I go there. So simple, but effective. Thought it was time to share it. (:

  4. It would be a great book cover. Time to write a novel with that title! I agree with Allyson. The letters are too perfect to be graffiti (or possibly are by a seriously good graffiti artist). Is it the name of the restaurant?

    1. Good idea! And I’ve got just the plan. I’ll do my research by travelling to not three but ‘four!’ countries that are NOT Italy, India or Bali. I’ll bring a notebook. I’ll try to be sad as I set off, and then get happier. Yes, it’s all taking shape now… I’d live in one. Laugh in another. Oh, this is gonna be big…

  5. Very instructional Carin! Funny, we put the first 3 words our my in-law’s memorial plaque and “play’ would have suited them too. It makes me think of them, they were people who loved each other, their “boys” and life and laughed out loud about their good luck.

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