15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Very cool how you’ve caught this watery doggy moment at just the point where the joyousness has become a “composition” too — the diagonal sweep of the wave, the different texture of the two “types” of water on either side. But above all the wonderful roly-poly seal-like exuberance of the dog. Lovely!

    1. Ah, a technical question. And I’m not good with dog breeds. I’d tend to file this in the Big Black Wet Dog category. How helpful is that out of ten? (;

  2. Has she just swum across the lake and come ashore? I love the rolling feeling of both dog and waves and the sense of arrival of both.

    1. Oh I like that idea, Allison. We’ll call it The Arrival. (:
      Though, really, what s/he’d been doing was merely romping about. I think a stick was involved at one point. There so often is…

  3. Looks like a Berner, Carin (Bernese Mountain Dog). Love that energy and the playful spirit, both of which you captured so beautifully.

    1. Saw this puppy at the beach yesterday. It was so hot and s/he was so happy. Wanted to bottle, or at least capture, some of that sopping wet joie de vivre!

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