15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Very cool how you’ve caught this watery doggy moment at just the point where the joyousness has become a “composition” too — the diagonal sweep of the wave, the different texture of the two “types” of water on either side. But above all the wonderful roly-poly seal-like exuberance of the dog. Lovely!

    1. Ah, a technical question. And I’m not good with dog breeds. I’d tend to file this in the Big Black Wet Dog category. How helpful is that out of ten? (;

  2. Has she just swum across the lake and come ashore? I love the rolling feeling of both dog and waves and the sense of arrival of both.

    1. Oh I like that idea, Allison. We’ll call it The Arrival. (:
      Though, really, what s/he’d been doing was merely romping about. I think a stick was involved at one point. There so often is…

    1. Saw this puppy at the beach yesterday. It was so hot and s/he was so happy. Wanted to bottle, or at least capture, some of that sopping wet joie de vivre!

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