24 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Scapes, yummm! Love how they bend and loop and curl. Great shot, Carin. The repetition in shape and form, as well as nature on display in a ‘natural’ clay pot on a clay tile floor and that delicious splash of sunshine in the corner makes for a spectacular composition.

    1. No, it’s garlic scapes. They grow out of the centre of the garlic bulb (which is planted in the fall and harvested in August). AND they’re edible! If you’re at a farmers’ market in the next week or two, you’ll probably see them.

    1. Oh how interesting that you see blue. I had to look again, and now I see it too.
      It’s garlic. These elegant (and edible) ‘swan head’ things that rise from the centre of the growing plant. The bulbs are usually ready for digging up a month or so later. Shall I send you a bushel? (;

  2. What a wonderful twisty scene, Carin. The terra cotta pot on the cool (I can feel it under my feet!) terra cotta floor with those lovely twists of chives (I can smell them!).

    1. Allison, they’re scapes! The top of the garlic plant. Have you tried them? Yummy. I’ll bet you’ll find some at your markets. Keremeos?

  3. What an arresting shot, Carin. It’s like the twisty scapes give the photo a sense of movement. I love terra-cotta and anything that colour, so to me this is lovely — the pattern of the green against the clay pot and the tile floor. The sunshine peeking in from left — I can almost feel it — and creating those shades on the side of the pot …

    Are scapes different from sprouts? I remember eating garlic sprouts in Japan.

    1. I just googled ‘garlic sprouts’ and it seems they’re different from scapes. From what I can gather, sprouts are the greens that grow from well-aged bulbs… not in the ground, but in the pantry. This is news to me. I’d never thought of eating them. We rarely keep garlic long enough to sprout, but it’s happened on occasion. Lovely to learn this!

      1. I should add that scapes are what grow from bulbs planted in the ground. They’re available only for a few weeks at this time of year. A month or so from now, the bulbs will be ready to dig up and fresh local garlic season will have arrived! (:

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