19 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Good eye, Carin! Usually jet skis are in ceaseless, raucous motion. To catch one floating still (and quiet) that far out from shore … hmmm … a break down? Rider contemplating life or navel or perhaps, noise pollution? Two composition elements that really, really make this shot are the foreground, that beautiful stretch turquoise water, and the sail boat zipping along on the horizon (do I hear a rassspberry).”

  2. Wow. Out out into the watery deep. I love the contrast between the black-and-rather-sinister shape in the top foreground with the peaceful sail in the background; a hint of menace, a question: is this a rescue mission? That’s the feeling this evokes. And then all the gradation of wave-types below in the true foreground. And the gradation of colour. Very thought-provoking!

  3. Wow, intriguing vertical shot emphasizing all that wavy turquoise water, and then the contrast between the dark figure on the jetski (as we imagine his purpose for stopping the machine) and the sailboat on the horizon. Interesting proportions, with the water taking up most of the shot. I think that adds to a slight feeling of menace or entrapment — all that water pressing up against that disconcertingly narrow band of sky. It’s so not what we’re used to. Carin, did you know why he’d stopped and what he was doing there?

    1. Yes. He stopped to check his phone. For about fifteen minutes. I darkened the shot for effect, but in the original version you can see what he’s doing. Maybe I should have left it visible, for the ‘message’ component. But I wanted to create a stronger contrast between sailboat and jet-ski, making the latter more sinister… (;

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