15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Oh, my, how absolutely stunning Carin. You have captured the simplicity of nature and person-made in perfect harmony. The bold moon in the bluey-grey sky makes a simple but captivating statement.

  2. Beautiful and some very clever shooting here, Carin. Looks like you caught that pic from a fast moving car through multiples of hydro lines! AND made those dark horizontal lines integral to the composition!

  3. First response: MMMMMM! I love this. The moon caught between the lines, the misty-looking clouds, the vague tree shapes, the whole feeling of a summer evening, plus a really satisfying design. Terrific.

    1. I was thinking to play with the colours a little, enhance them, but then I decided I rather liked the real-time haziness, that ‘summer evening’ vibe you mention. I’m glad that comes through.

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