16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. If left to it’s own resources, nature would find a way to cover up all the ‘messes’ humans make of things. Great eye, yet again, Carin.

    1. So true, Cheryl. Apparently humans are the only living thing that, if ‘it’ (i.e. ‘we’) were to disappear from the face of the earth, there would be not one adverse effect. With every other living organism, their absence would be a detriment to some large or small extent. So yes, I’d say Queen Anne’s Lace trumps factory every time. (:

  2. This is one of those juxtapositions you do so well Carin. Nature and not nature – you call our attention to both with your composition.

  3. It is a wonderful composition. The building and bridge look like a ship tied up at the dock and the flowers an ocean. Are they cow parsnip? Queen Anne’s lace?

    1. Oh I love that take! A ship. I can see it. And yes, it’s a sea of Queen Anne’s Lace. I’ve been noticing it everywhere lately, growing in vacant lots and pavement cracks; it brings something dignified to a messy urban scene I think.

  4. I’m not going to read the other comments yet, but — first — say how this struck me, such a delicate “boom” — so powerful because it’s also understated, the daisy field, the ugly industrial goings-on behind, a great piece of work, and all in those soft whites and blues and greens. This is terrific.

    1. I like to juxtapose the ugly with the beautiful. And what’s interesting about that to me is that there are opposing ideas as to what’s what. Some might say the field of ‘weeds’ is the ugly. Of course they’re fools, but you get my point. (;

      The colours get to me too. You can’t beat blue and green against grey.

  5. Contrast seems to be the theme this week (though not in mine). Barbara’s airy window and heavy golden furniture and now your verdant lacy meadow framed from above by concrete, smoke and wire. Burtynsky-esque.

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