18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. “Ah sweet mystery of love at last I’ve found you…. Now I know the meaning of it all…!” (That is from “Rosemarie”, the movie starring Nelson Eddy, sung to Jeanette McDonald, which I saw when very (repeat “very”) small, and which nearly killed me with its romance an emotion I’ve been a sucker for ever since. And, seeing the “R” above, well what can I say? Clearly Rosemarie was Rosemarie Wilson though no one ever told me, and Nelson is still hanging around somewhere pining for her and I hope singing, and, kids, I’m outa here to hunt them down.!!!!

    1. Barbara, I have a real soft spot for Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy. My grandmother, who was a singer, introduced me to their movies when I was also very (repeat very) small. You’re right — so romantic. And those voices! Did you see “Naughty Marietta”?

  2. How poignant, Carin with the fallen leaves and the ‘heartfelt’, jaunty little heart with the initials. You caught both permanence and the passing of the season here in a wonderful little vignette.

    1. I’m always curious about things written in cement. I mean, someone came along and did this when the sidewalk was probably still cordoned off with traffic cones or a bit of flimsy fencing, which means that someone else had to come along later to remove the fencing, etc. And if they wanted to, I suppose they could have ‘filled in’ or otherwise ‘fixed’ the tampered-with bit. And I wonder if they would have had it been something more nefarious than a heart. Nice to see that love is allowed its permanence. Makes me want to find a sidewalk ‘builder’ and ask some serious questions…

  3. Oh, how bittersweet, Carin, because of the fallen leaves … which always makes one think of time passing. Or perhaps all lovers’ initials carved into objects are bittersweet. There must be stories behind each one, and I’m sure this one too. If only the carver knew that someday it would be immortalized in a photo. :) One thing that occurs to me: aren’t hearts usually accompanied by both sets of initials? This romantic’s initials don’t appear alongside those of his (her?) beloved.

    I wonder if we each have a carved-initials story?

    1. Yes, the leaves and that fleeting/permanent pairing struck me, but more than that it was just what you point out, that it’s odd to see a single set of initials. Perhaps the work of an egotist?? (:

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