8 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Yes, too real in colour. Too much of what we see too much of. I hoped the B&W might give pause… I like Shakespeare’s line: “The wheel is come full circle.”

  1. Caught! Literally. This elicited a whoop of delight as I clicked on to it. As Cheryl says, What a great capture. But creepy too. At least for me. I used to have dreams, when I was a kid, of having to squeeze down long narrow pipes like that, only rather endless. A birth dream I was later told. . There is something of that dream feeling in this shot for me. So great in black and white, too, this shot. Nice one.

    1. Barbara, I have dreams like that too. Where I’m moving through some very tight space, usually something in lieu of a door, a crawl space or attic. Unlike yours, my ‘tight space’ isn’t endless, just uncomfortable. I always thought this had to do with claustrophobia… but, birth dreams? Never heard of them. Must look that up.

  2. I love the juxtaposition of this week’s sphere with last week’s rectangle – the two images appeared together in my mail this morning. It makes me wonder if this is a trilogy in the making. Triangle next week?

  3. I love your perspective on this Carin! The circles with the sun glinting off and the capture of the car speeding through is a perfect black and white scene.

  4. This is just a perfect composition, the whirl of light, the car at that exact moment, the spiky trees and horizontal lines… And, as others have commented, just right in black and white!

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