16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. How delightful. Everything about it — starting of course with the sweet image of the tiny girl reaching up in the sunlight to place her thirst-quenching order to the man in the deep shade within — her beautiful white dress, echoed by the scalloped valance of the truck — the poignant happiness of her tiny size against the giant vehicle — the glorious turquoise colour of the van — the enigmatic invitation: “come in” — the essence of summer and childhood right there!

  2. What a wonderful scene Carin. You’ve caught the exact moment of action with the lovely girl reaching up and the face of the proprietor gazing out (with a smile, maybe?). The softened colours against the bright turquoise of the cart gives it a lazy summer afternoon feel.

  3. I don’t know which profile I like more, Carin … that smiling face in the window framed in the bright, red shirt. Or, the little pony-tailed girl in the sun dress placing her coins on the counter for some amazing treat! What a wonderful, story-rich image! Love it.

    1. I was surprised at how small she seems here, head hardly reaching the counter. Makes me think we should visit this chip truck annually and strike the same pose.

  4. Love this captured moment, Carin. As the others have said, it has many appealing elements and details — the action, first of all, that’s inherent in it: the girl reaching up, the vendor smiling down at her. The prominent “Come In We’re Open” sign. The luscious turquoise of the truck. I also like that diagonal slash of sunlight in which the girl is standing, and the way the colour at the back of her dress is blown out — indicating intense sun (contrasting with the cool shade under the awning). Such a picture of innocence, that girl with the ponytail and loose summer dress.

    1. Thanks, Allyson. It’s nice to see it through unbiased eyes… little girl-wise. It’s my niece and so of course I think it’s just so very damn precious. But, unbiased-ly, I like that splash of sunshine too. And Jenny’s Chip Truck just wouldn’t be the same in any other colour. I took this shot on my way back from the car with money to pay for lunch. Meanwhile Jenny had given M. a root beer, gratis, to cool off on a very hot day. We love Jenny.

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