17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. I hope you donate your feet to science (at the appropriate time, of course), and that some smart researcher figures out what makes the difference between my freezing feet and your brazen bare feet, because I could use some of that.

  2. Carin, may I join you? You look ready for a hot chocolate and a chat. Or is someone inside fetching you a drink and snack? (And, hmm, who’s taking the photo?) There’s an air of expectancy here. Love the bright orange of the table and chair — cheering up the overcast day. But this is mysterious: coat, scarf and Birkenstocks? Wherever you were, I hope you enjoyed yourself.

  3. I see a saucy little, ‘cat-got-the-mouse’ expression there Carin! Can it be that you are sitting outside on this December day? Love the bright orange street furniture!

    1. December has been tropical. This was taken a week or so ago. I’ve since changed to a lighter-weight coat! (Okay, maybe not tropical, but warmish.) (:

  4. Yikes … bare tootsies in those Birks! Wearing mine with cotton work socks these wintery days and that’s indoors! Great shot of warm yellow on that frozen patio, Carin … almost as warm as that beautiful smile.

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