17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Wow! You captured something incredible! I’ve never noticed the circular pattern of waves before.

    On an unrelated note (except that nothing is truly unrelated, is it?) I love the new fresh and clean look of your blog. Happy New Year, Carin!

    1. Thank you for that unrelated note! I’m still missing the old look a little, but it was time for a change. A vote in favour, yay! And all the best to you also, Leslie. Happy new year!

  2. Blue, blue, BLUE! Stunning. And, are those ice-rimmed circles typical of the frozen lake? I have never seen anything like it, Carin. Beautifully captured.

  3. Furry, fluffy lake circles, Carin? Or giant frothy pancakes? What a magical scene to come upon and beautifully caught by thou!

    1. The harbour gets frozen and when it breaks up it’s like a floating jigsaw puzzle — the circles are sheets of ice. But you’re right, it’s always a magical thing to come upon.

  4. WOW!!! That is such a textural and indeed strangely sensual picture, I must say. And the colours! And the inclusion of that one light to the far right. The water is like a living creature, as if it has merged with its deep hidden and somehow erotic soul. Breathtaking! I look forward to learning more about this remarkable effect.

    1. Oh I’m so glad you like that light; it made the shot for me. And you’re right about the water being like a breathing thing. It was heaving in these huge undulations I couldn’t capture on film. How amazing that you felt that.

  5. So amazing. Did you get to hear the wacky water-moving-under-ice creaks and groans? They are always so spooky and appealing at the same time.

  6. What incredible patterns nature creates. But not everyone would have seen this as a photo. Fascinating shapes and texture, Carin. Is that vivid blue natural? Whether it is or not, the scene feels like something from another world, cold, mysterious and beautiful.

    1. This ‘million pieces of ice’ effect doesn’t happen all that often so it’s fun to see. I’m not sure what the conditions are that create it. This was taken about a week ago. And today, as you know, was much colder, but the harbour wasn’t frozen at all. Yes, nature, eh? Better than TV any day. (As for the vivid blue… I enhanced the colours a tad.)

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