19 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Horizontal, yes. A yoga pose, I believe. “Now just sink into the earth… let it hold you…”
      To be this heavy with relaxation… ahhhh. And in the middle of the library too!

  1. Ahhhh … future ‘dog’ guide! How adorable. Love how the little black one is nestled in so cozy tight! A heartfelt shot, Carin … the very best of stories told without words.

    1. They were being trained as dogs for the deaf. Well, at this point they’re just learning to be dogs, but they’ve got some bright futures…

  2. I bet this sight was a scene of melting hearts, Carin. On so many levels it captures the heart and imagination.

    1. Hearts were melting in a semi circle around them. It only seemed to make them even more relaxed. As a kid, I had a book about what animals dreamed of. This shot makes me think of that. Though the only dream I remember is the cat’s. It was a bowl full of cream. I guess they didn’t want to give us nightmares by telling us the truth about mice. And birds. (:

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