13 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Interesting because it may be ghosts of summer but the photo has a very wintry feel about it as well as an air of mystery: the long and bundled up shadow, a certain quality of light, the dark green hue.

  2. There’s a (good) creepy feel to this one. I didn’t at first know what it was, but now I do, the swings look to me like masks. Eerie. You and your shadows, Ms. Magtree: there’s something unique each time they appear.

    1. I saw masks too. Not at the time I took the shot, but later, looking at it. I love when that happens, when you take something for one reason and then find a whole other element to it. And, yes, I do like my shadow. (I’m about to burst into song…)

  3. Nice key tones. Not hockey helmets at all, but hanging swings, and there are masks on chains in the shadows as well as a bundled up shadow selfie! I love your quirky eye, Carin!

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