12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Reflections on sewing machines! I like that you captured the tree reflection but can’t see you – very clever. I love the fresh green highlights.

  2. This photo is fantastic. I love the high gloss of it, and the way it seems like a whole intricate world in there.

  3. I had a Singer just like the one centre bottom of your picture! It was almost as hardy as my Mom’s old treadle machine, which I also kept until 10 years ago! So what memories this photo brought back, as well as showing us, as Elizabeth say, a whole intricate world in there. Plus they do knife scissor and “digitizing” and custom sewing … and they certainly have the machines for it! I think you should definitely venture in. And I love the glossy patina of the reflections, all those clever machines preserved “under glass”!

    1. I learned to sew on my mum’s treadle machine. My god, it’s like we’re Laura Ingles Wilder or something… (:
      I’ll definitely wander in. See what these modern gizmos are like now. I hear they’ve gone electric.

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