18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Not reading other comments yet — though terrible curious about where this marvellous art installation is (was?) located! This is fascinating, and so compelling. I want to walk round and round it; I want to see what is “growing” on the far side. I want to steep in the sense of decay, re-growth, more decay; this is so so so evocative. Oh, and that could be my old Volkswagen Van, by the way, which I adored; If so, I’m glad that it is hosting a sort of ecological version of “As the World Turns”. Love this!

    1. This is an installation at the Art Gallery of Hamilton (artist, Kim Adams). It’s called ‘Breugel-Bosch Bus’. I’m more agog than in love with it, though I do like how he’s showed society’s changing values. From love-in mobile to superheroes and commerce run amok. (If you had one of these vehicles, I’m jealous. I would so have loved one. I’d have driven directly to Haight-Ashbury and looked for the groovy happy people with feathers and other assorted flora in their hair. Having taken a tour of H-A since, I realize that what I’d have found was badly infected bare feet and overdoses. Maybe better that we had an Oldsmobile.) (:

      1. I love the idea of you driving one like that, Barbara. And of you driving an Oldsmobile too, Carin! The first car I drove was a Plymouth Fury station wagon. I remember pulling into a country gas station and the attendant looking into the car and drawling “That’s an awful big car for an awful small girl!” Obviously, Barbara was the one among us with style.

        1. I didn’t drive the Olds, Elizabeth… it was the family car. I had big dreams about being a hippie but I was still a titch too young during the height of flower power to reach the pedals. But only a titch. (;

          1. Me too. Are we the same age?? I was dying to be a hippie but just a little bit late to the party.

  2. I love the way the rows of grid-like windows outside frame the similar rows inside. And, of course, all that is evoked by the wondrous red van and its accoutrements.

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