17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. This could be an illustration for a modern folk tale. Such an intriguing story it hints at; and the colours! The blood red sky, the black silhouette of house and treed ridge, and then the welcoming shining door with inside … a piano? A desk? I will imagine a piano and listen to the beckoning tune…but then? But then?

    1. I took this shot for the red sky, which really didn’t come through as well as it might have. The window was incidental but I liked how it worked with the overall image. It reminded me of another shot — http://frontdoorbackdoor.blogspot.ca/2010/03/wake.html — taken in Argentina on a Friday night. A few hours later, in the wee hours of Saturday morning, the earthquake hit Chile. This is a picture of the hotel we were staying in (the tremor was so strong it woke us up, moved furniture in the room, lamps swinging from the ceiling, doors flying open). We’d arrived from Santiago the day before. Forever grateful for that.

      I suppose that *is* a sort of modern folk tale. (;

  2. Love the silhouette created against that RED! The golden light shining into this dark, dark night and against the snow, says, “Welcome … its toasty warm and safe in here.”

  3. That deep red sky is so striking — at first otherworldly and ominous, but then the eye is drawn down toward the welcoming light from the room and all is okay again. Love the mood of this one, and the heavy contrast. That sky really is incredible. So you were in Argentina, not Chile, when the earthquake struck?

    1. Yes. We flew over on Thursday. Half our bags were still in the hotel in Santiago. We never went back of course and were able to have them sent to us, at home, later. So we didn’t experience the ‘out on the lawn in the nightgown’ horror that you did…

  4. I love and extra love this shot Carin! I love that you chose to have this tiny emblem of light in the photo with most of the rest black until you look a little more closely and see the faint glow of setting sun over the roof and trees. It makes one yearn to be in the comfort of that room and perhaps a light touch on the piano while enjoying a glass of wine – safe from whatever danger might lurk – as there is a sense of foreboding superimposed over the light and comfort.

  5. I agree with Cheryl and Allison: this photo, beautiful in its own right, also evokes comfort and safety. You just long to walk in that door and sit down with a friend and a shared cup of something. Though the story could also be that of an ancient Chinese poem I once read that went something like “Two cups on a table. I am alone, surrounded by barbarians, and you are a thousand miles away.”

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