15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday — rorschach version

  1. Love how the high keytones you used here Carin make this look like an image torn from a page. The St. Nickish figure pointing out from the chipped paint pattern on the concrete porch is pointing at … ?

    1. Cheryl, I would like to say that I know what keytones are, but I don’t… I do, however, LOVE that you see St. Nick in the chipped paint!

  2. Okay THAT is so clever! (I’m not looking at other comments yet.) I love the wordless “play on words” — Or should I say a “play on snow”. So that we really do not know if this is a snap torn from an album (and if so why???) or is that an actual snowbank in front on the right. Wonderful.

    1. An actual snowbank on the right. And the only reason it ‘works’ the way it does is because of the background on the site. In other words, it was a surprise to me when I posted it. I actually chose the pic for its Rorschach quality… (and have since added to the title). So… what do you see in the peeling paint?

  3. I love these minimalist mono-chromatic shots Carin. The details tell the story – the peeling paint, the seen-a-lot-of-use mat, the horizontal lines in the concrete and the curling shapes in the wrought iron all tell a story of an old house that was built well and sturdy and has served it’s owners well.

    1. I like that mat too, Allison. And this porch; it’s of a vintage and kind, similar to one I grew up in. (Don’t let Allyson see that sentence!)

  4. Two laughing faces in profile, one above the other, watching something highly entertaining: a dancing snow woman just outside the frame?

  5. I see a fat man in a hat pointing at something. (But then again I haven’t had my second cup of coffee yet)

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