12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. I love these layers of squares and glass and illusions Cairin. What is where and who is there? All the shades of greens and blues tie the composition together so creatively.

    1. Thanks, Allison. It’s a teaching college for the hospitality industry. They also have a restaurant. I was there just wandering around and saw the chef working; I couldn’t resist the play of light and reflection with all that glass. I think I’ll go back and play some more. Also eat.

  2. Okay, so where on earth? ARE we on earth? There is something so futuristic about this, so clean and shiny — and, dare I say, “reflective”. Those reflections indeed make me feel we are in some sort of cafeteria, looking across into the workings of something forbidden like a nuclear plant…. but I am becoming well known for mis-reading pics, so perhaps this is a much friendlier place than it looks, maybe the man in the white hat in the room below is making fuzzy toys? Maybe this is Santa’s workshop after Global Warming has changed the polar landscape? — Wow, clearly in any case an intriguing picture and full of story prompts!!! Thank you Ms. M.

    1. That angle was just a beautiful mess of reflections and views out the many windows, including the reflection of a green glass wall (outside the frame). Even I can hardly make head or tail of what’s what. The ‘man in the white hat’ is a chef. (:

      I like your sci-fi version of the North Pole though!

  3. Fascinating shot — all those intersecting geometric shapes, lines, and reflections. The outside seems to be inside, and the inside, outside. It’s visually striking even before we set about trying to sort it out. And I’m intrigued by the baker(?) you’ve captured busily at work at lower right. That glimpse of scenery outside … where was it taken?

    1. The interior of Durham College’s ‘Centre for Food’, Whitby Campus. Bistro 67 is a teaching restaurant there. I’ve only been once and that was right after they opened. A little more teaching was needed, but really a lovely spot. On my list to try again soon. They’re trying to do local and seasonal fare, which always pleases me.

  4. Love, love, love the layers of glass, sheer colour, refraction and reflection. Layers of stories to be had beneath those stories. Good eye as always, Carin!

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