11 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Well now that’s a fine statement of a hood ornament; I think I would have been wary, as a teen, to go cruisin’ with the guy who drove that car. Would I be a fool to think a jester has been at work on this pic? A delightful surprise, for sure. Love it!
    Oh and I might as well confess that when I was about 14 the rage fashion wise in my school was “pendants” and the pendant-rage de jour was to pry the hood ornament off some fancy car and wear that on a chain around the neck. (Villains, villains, in my school and I’ll have you know I did not partake in this particular villainy, mainly because i lived out in the country and few fancy cars came our way???) — but THIS fellow would be a handful, pendant-wise, no?

    1. Have never heard of this. Must say my jaw drops at the image of those hood ornaments being pried off. Didn’t the perpetrators get identified pretty quickly? And then what?? Stories!

  2. Talk about having a yolk around one’s neck! I was just yolking, ha, ha. I seem to remember those foolish shenanigans in my teen years too.

  3. OH … Shocking giggle on opening this photo. Wouldn’t want to run into, or rather – ram into – this guy in the dark. Or daylight for that matter. Arian Ram, Carin? Curious to see what the rest of the vehicle it’s attached to looks like!

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