12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. How wonderfully creative, Carin. The dull grey shades of a winter-barely-passed (for some anyway) on the left and all the warm and lovely colours of spring promises-yet-to-be-kept on the right. LOVE IT!

  2. That tree reminds me of the one at the top of your sidebar, and now I’m suddenly curious (again) about the title of your blog. Where does Matilda Magtree come from, or is it a secret? (I’ll be embarrassed if it’s a literary reference that everyone knows except me.) Leslie

    1. I didn’t even notice the resemblance. But you’re right, it does have that look. The name is made up, not a secret but slightly long-winded as answers go. And definitely no literary reference to die of shame over… (:

  3. I love this Carin! Everything about it brings a smile – the creativity of the owner of this practical piece of beauty, the whimsical colours and your very creative approach to post-photo treatment. I see winter giving it’s last tenuous statement on the left, while spring is winning out on the right!

    1. It made me smile when I saw it. Though I wonder how popular it is with birds. Am thinking they tend to like privacy, no? Am trying to think what variety prefer the hotel model…

  4. Ms. Magtree, Ms Magtree, you have done it again! In fact maybe that IS a Magtree, that magical high-rise of potential song? What a sweet image — makes ME want to sing. And so clever, the “back in Kansas” feeling of the left side of the picture. Love this!

    1. Thank you, Ms. L. “Back in Kansas”… there’s the title! And who but you would imagine a high-rise of potential song? This is my favourite thing, the finding out what a snap inspires.

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