26 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. It was a HUGE GIGANTIC blown-up balloony thing on top of a building. Advertising hot tubs. Because wouldn’t a guy that looks like Steve and a woman with unusual floaty bosoms make you want to be part of the hot-tub “in crowd”?? Be honest.

      1. Really! I thought those lines were lanes of a swimming pool but I now see they are telephone wires.

  1. Big, BIG CHUCKLE this morning. Wonder if he tried to put that ‘broken’ arm somewhere he shouldn’t? What a great eye you have, Carin … and for finding the odd, quirky and funny items to shoot! Love it.

  2. As usual, displaying your uncanny knack for capturing the whimsical and absurd Carin! I love the Steve and Laureen comment!

  3. Whimsical indeed! I thought at first this was a small toy — the size was hard to judge — until I realized those were signs/banners at bottom left. Hilarious. I love his pointy nose … and her “do.” But the poor fellow: what happened to his arm? Some designer didn’t factor in wind? This gave me a laugh I needed today.

  4. Apart from all my other comments, let me add that it is a fabulous photo, just so curious and peculiar. It could be the cover of a strange pomo kind of novel, or maybe something by Douglas Copeland. What do you think of him, by the way?

    1. I love his Souvenir of Canada series (of two). And another, similar book, called City of Glass, about Vancouver. Both short essays and photos. I think he’s brilliant at portraying what is seen as the ‘mundane’. For some reason the only novel I’ve read is Player One, which I thought seemed an odd choice for the Massey lectures. ‘Greater message’ aside, it felt cobbled together rather clumsily.

      What about you? (Now you’ve got me wanting to read Generation X.)

      1. “Cobbled together rather clumsily” describes what I thought pretty well. I read Generation X but, to be honest, I don’t remember it very well, which probably says something about my opinion of it already. I wasn’t all that impressed by Souvenir of Canada either (I think I only saw/read one of them) – somewhat interesting but I think others have done similar things more interestingly. Now I’ll have to think who did… good thing this isn’t a live interview!

        1. The good part about it not being ‘live’… you have the time to remember who did something similar to the ‘Souvenir’ books. Looking forward to who that might be!

  5. Still not sure what to say about this. I had no idea it was huge. Yup, looks like Harper–with a Pinocchio nose. And look at those pneumatic breasts! And whatever is wrong with his hand? Had I been driving by and seen this, I’d for sure have smashed into a pole.

      1. Oh, and the intended response (I think) to this piece of advertising, is not pole-smashing (which, I agree, is likely), but to be suddenly overwhelmed with a desire to bathe with the man responsible for robocalls.

        Doesn’t work for you…?

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