19 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Great composition, Carin, and another shot that shows your excellent eye. Like Cheryl, I immediately thought it looked as if the tree has a tattoo! (And tree appears to have a torso and arms, as well.) You can almost feel the texture of the bark and the heat of the sun here.

  2. Lovely shapes and textures and shades of green. And yes, feel the warmth! (We could use some down here with the icebergs.)

  3. Hey — without looking at the other comments — and very late to the game — I can’t resist exclaiming (or couldn’t when I clicked on) — A TREE TATTOO! There is something so womanish about the tree’s shape, and something so very consciously decorative about the way the trunk has adorned itself — and of course in addition to all that, a very very clever shot!

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